Thursday, 28 July 2011

painting today.

Just having a break from my painting.
A lovely cup of tea and a sit down.. very welcome indeed.

Checked online and no word from SAAS yet, shouldn't be any problems but I want to know I'm getting the money... couldn't get application in by the deadline because I had to wait for working tax credits to give me their figure...

ah, enough of that...!

more pics?

An oldie..
this is a friends caravan in Devon... I even used to live in it, lovely to draw.

"High Balance", the girl on trapeze picture I'm working on is proceeding smoothly.
well, the smoothly is how I'm trying to paint the skin.
More to do, then onto background again to finish off.

At least waiting in for the DHL man delivering my business cards is making me stay in an paint. no bad thing in my mind.
Then tomorrow, off to sunny Glasgow on the train for a relaxed weekend.
Probably do some work on the train though... perfect time for reading.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

more, and more

My water sculpture, decided on from a brief at college. I was going to make it smaller but my tutor got me some bigger paper. very pleased indeed.
Lying flat, to cut out the shapes, it took up almost the whole floor of the classroom.
This involved staying behind and taking full advantage of the empty room.

If in doubt, go BIG!.
I think it has so much more presence this size.

Although it does look like milk, not water.

ok , time for some more older artworks

think I need to get the iron out... hmm!

and here's some washingI did when I was trying to find
something to draw. Quite like the wind twisting them around.

and a this is definately an oldie, from 2 years ago. Oil pastels, then dry pastels on top.Made an interesting effect where they met.


a wee bit further on........
and then a bit more.
tune in for more developments....

I'm really enjoying painting.
Took me a fair amount of procrastination to start even though I knew I'd enjoy it when I did.
All the enjoyment of a deadline.... keeps me on my toes.

New Work

I've got myself up and running with the new piece of work.
Hopefully this will be the first of many....
the overall subject is circus, mainly the people.
So... must get back to the painting.

Oh, yes, the other thing done today is contact The Courier,
our local paper and get this exhibition in the media.
Other papers have already been contacted by another exhibitor so should cover a fair quantity of people.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

A new project!

Finally found my way and a new project is happening.
Needed a fresh canvas, so... into town and, I'd been a bit optimistic about opening times.
Had to hang around but eventually bought my canvas and sped off home to enjoy it's fresh, virgin surface.
Well actually, the gleaming white put me off, so primed then painted again with a lovely rusted/purple/brown.
Honest, it looks great.
Warm, juicy and a little bit dark. Hopefully the end result will be similar.

I'm using an image of a performer from NoFit State Circus.
(There are unseen benefits to having worked with them). Apart from anything else... the shows are fabulous and ultimately inspiring.

An odd kinda of a day.........

Saturday, 23 July 2011

life drawing

more college pics.
Pastels again, I really lke this medium.

and a mixed media one too..

one of those days!!!

My day kind of began with the postie and a letter summoning me to JURY DUTY...
All well and good but I can't even claim back lost earnings as I'm self-employed and impossible to prove I'd lose anything....
Hope it's not a long one...

Then I cheered myself up with a wee drawing trip to the beach, near Broughty Castle.
Lovely day, found a spot .....
then the irritating tones of guys shouting at each other across the water from jet skis,
of course with the engine noise too.

I persevered, yeah, got a couple sketches done. (of course my camera had run out of battery)

Treated myself to some gorgeous tasting ice-cream, then headed home.

Also having an "I can't do art" day, feeling sorry for myself and a bit useless.
The only thing I could think of was to keep trying..... eventually.....
Got a sketch I like and an idea for a new painting.. YIPPEEE.

Friday, 22 July 2011

some art from NQ days at college

Yeah, I'll be sticking loads up til I've got through most stuff then ......
it's onto the new.

I've a thing about hands.. fascinating parts of the body.
So intricate and full of expression.

No more for a bit coz I'm off out with my sister for a short interlude at a drinking establishment in town this evening.

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Ok, got some pics up, more to put up.
A wee ramble among the thoughts in my head.

Today has been mostly sorting stuff out, this is now a common occurrence.
One that I am keen to be rid of.
There has to be a point , at least for a short while ,when stuff is sorted!

Anyway, researching the sumer project brief.
It's a goodie, well as far as I'm concerned.

I get to check out festival culture - a bit of a favourite of mine - then there's magick and all its varying forms. So much to look into.
Land Art, now that I love..
Looking into Chris Drury at the moment,
of course, the inimitable Andy Goldsworthy.
and Richard Long.
Feel quite inadequate but inspired.

details, details...

a few details of the last drawing.

Note to self:

and there's more.....

Here's an almost completed project we were set at college.
It took hours and hours but very pleased with the result.

and the finished piece.
must admit that I haven't spent as much time on
any one picture since being at uni, we were doing one week briefs... just no time.

Kind of miss putting that amount of effort into one piece.
Need to get back in the groove............

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

some old artworks

This is of my friend's house in Devon, a wee sketch to leave behind.
The next is from college, one of my first lot of paintings.
Gave me loads of grief but I reckon I learned loads too.

I really enjoy portraiture but definately don't do enough.
College was better for discipline to complete and learn, Uni...
ah, yes... have to make myself do things.

More to be added later.

mounting and framing

Yup, those words certainly have connotations
but boringly I'm using them with regard to artworks.
Prints have been printed and I now have them residing temporarily
at the framers.
The originals are getting a juicy frame of silver and black.
Looking forward to seeing them finished.
The naming of said pieces is another matter and as to pricing.... well!

Verily a steep learning curve when one first attempts an exhibition.

It's all a bit scary too.

photos will be added before long.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hello again

Yes, I've been away for ages.
Completed first year uni and I love it!
hard work but roll on sept and the start of the new.

During this last year I've probably done less drawing than at college
learnt loads.
Thanks to all at Dundee College for teaching me,
this year would have been much more difficult otherwise.

Short version.

masses of work completed over the year,
drawing, painting, sculpture and
more than anything,
mind twisting......
incredible what the brain can come up with.
many lectures of an art history variety which was fascinating.
and talks from folks so we could make up our minds in which direction
our degree would take.
lots of briefs, lots of other students.
ideas passed around.
mini exhibitions held with a few drinks and laughs.

all in all, a great first year.