Monday, 8 February 2010


Ok, jumped straight in and did my presentation in front of the class before I had time to worry about it.
Would have spoken more succinctly if I'd spent more time planning but feels good to have finished something.

The inspiration behind all the animations is from one of my sketchbooks which began life as some photos of drains. There are many different types of drains and I love the way some are made, in that the older ones have a more rounded, smooth casting whereas the newer ones are not as finely formed.

The first film is called 'Labyrinth' and the idea came from the formation of the holes on a round drain cover.(it looked like a labyrinth to me anyway)
The concept behind came afterwards really, which is modern life eating away at the older ways of living. Labyrinths are also about journeys.

I wasn't very confident at the beginning of the class but the more I learn the more I find it enjoyable. At the beginning I seemed to come across one block after another and progress was very slow but since making mistakes I've found that planning is really important.
One of the main things to remember is to put all the photos, sounds and saved movies in the same folder. One other thing.... name all the sound recordings otherwise confusion reigns.

The lack of computer memory was a hinderance but since using my own external hard drive things are running more smoothly.
I decided to use a whiteboard to draw the labyrinth so that it was easy to rub out out as Pacman eats. Firstly, I made a stencil of the labyrinth which made the construction easier. The whiteboard took a fair amount of bluetack to insure it stayed put.
Another thing I learnt was..... make sure there is room to get at the subject otherwise leaning round the camera to change the drawing makes pulled muscles happen.

Since making the first animation I can see how improvements could be made. I would draw in smaller increments so that the labyrinth was formed more smoothly and work out a better lighting system. Colour would enhance the whole movie as well. On the positive side, it works which I'm very happy about and I like the sounds I've put to it.
'Gaudete' by the 'Medieval Babes' has the right esoterical feel that goes with the building of a labyrinth and the eating sounds are silly enough. One of the eating sounds is actually of a paper bag being scrunched but it has the right effect.
If this project was carried on I would film a better beginning that led up to the labyrinth growing and definately in colour.
One thing I learned was to have a bit of fun with it and enjoy the learning.

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