Monday, 15 February 2010

Down, down, down the sink....and then?

Once more to the fray....
Drains again.... this time a real one.
The idea behind this was the amount of waste we drain away. What do we let slide down the plughole?
So... I cooked some risotto rice to make a stodgy mush to use, grated some veg, found some hair, milk, juice, and various other articles including some old fag butts from my sis.
Then, after having my assistant Sponge to help clean the sink, I started making a gross mess. It was great fun. Sponge also came to the rescue when 'the mess' tried to escape.

After making the mess, I realised that I had to find a way of getting it out of the sink without it going down the drain. Pan was very accommodating with mess transference to the bin. Then a final clean and all gone.

Appropriate lighting is the one thing that I think would contribute a lot to all the movies, but none of my lamps had enough strength. If I carried this experiment further I would maybe have film of gunky sinks and the water swirling away before the sink being cleaned and having 'the mess' return. The letters would also appear and disappear more slowly but the rice works.
One of the things I learnt was how much effort it takes to keep control over the movement, especially making sure there were things happening everywhere.

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